I have been training dogs and solving cat problems professionally in the Miami area for over 30 years.  My experience has included training dogs with children in a group environment.  This rewarding experience helped me understand how dogs relate to children differently than they do adults.  I have also taught many group classes with adults and dogs but, private lessons with the owners and their dog in their own environment has been most rewarding for me and successful for them.  Making companion dogs that respect their place in the family and make a family whole.  The two way communication between humans and dogs is key.  Keeping a positive attitude and rewarding with lots of love helps motivate a dog to learn.                          

When working with cat behavior, it is more complicated because cats are instinctively less domesticated than dogs.  Dogs want a human to be their pack leader.  Cats don't.  So solving a cat problem can be more complicated.  Owning many rescue cats has been a great advantage to my understanding the many difficulties cats can have adjusting to a human family.

Working with rescue dogs has become my specialty.  We can not ask the dog what happened to him/her but we can move forward with a positive attitude.  Redirecting his/her negative energy into positive behavior.  I believe it is never too late.  All dogs can learn.

I work with all breeds of dogs.  The key to training different breeds is understanding what their natural job in life was to be.  To make a happy companion dog, I redirect that energy to the dog's new job in your life and home.

​I recommend starting early with your new puppy or rescue dog.  If there are bad habits starting they will only grow into them, not out of them.  So start early.